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Coronavirus - are you worried how it may affect you?

COVID-19 Webinar, Monday 23rd March, 11am-12pm your questions answered

This webinar has been organised by patient organisations working in the field of Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMD). It is open to patients and families affected by IMD and it aims to address questions raised by the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please note that there will be no live Q&A during the webinar and that we will not be able to address questions relating to specific patients or conditions. 

The link is as follows:

Read the latest advice published by the British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group (BIMDG), Metabolic Support UK and the LSD Collaborative.

Advice for patients, parents and guardians on inherited metabolic disease and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following queries from our community on COVID-19 please find some practical general information and links in this document provided by the British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group (BIMDG), Metabolic Support UK and patient organisations in the LSD Collaborative, including the Gauchers Association.

Download the PDF here

If you have any concerns about the Coronavirus and how it might affect you please get in touch your own inherited metabolic disease team to discuss these further.