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GD2 clinical trial site opens in the UK

Prevail Therapeutics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company, is currently conducting a Phase 1/2 clinical trial, called PROVIDE, assessing the safety and efficacy of PR001, a potentially disease-modifying, single-dose gene therapy for infants diagnosed with Type 2 Gaucher disease (GD2).

More information about PROVIDE, including full study details and eligibility criteria, can be found at

In an ongoing effort to support access to clinical trials for families living outside the U.S., Prevail is pleased to announce the opening of a new PROVIDE site at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, one of the largest and most comprehensive multi-disciplinary clinical genetics units in UK and Europe.

Families with a child affected by GD2 interested in exploring their child’s eligibility to participate in the PROVIDE trial in the UK may reach out directly to the site using the contact information below:

Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine

6th Floor, St Mary's Hospital, Oxford Road

Manchester, United Kingdom, M13 9WL

Site Contact: Laura Crowther    

Phone: 07815 987896  


Please note: clinical trial participant selection is at the discretion of trial site investigator and not Prevail Therapeutics, and any consideration of participating in clinical studies or questions related to your child’s medical condition or treatment should be discussed with his/her healthcare professional.