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Product Alert for Gaucher Patients and Families

Dear all,

We have been alerted to the existence of another pharmaceutical product called Zavesca that is causing some confusion amongst Gaucher patients throughout the world.  The product, whose packaging is almost identical to that of the genuine product, is developed and marketed by Getz Pharma.  This product can be easily and cheaply purchased on-line, whereas the genuine Zavesca© (Miglustat) will only be prescribed through your Specialist Consultant.

The Getz product is an anti-depressant and is not indicated for use in patients with Gaucher disease; taking this product without advice from your doctor could cause adverse effects or serious harm. We strongly recommend that you seek medical advice before purchasing this, or any other pharmaceutical product, on-line. 

Please do contact us on; 01453 549231 if you have any questions, or if you require any further information.